At School of Food we have two aims: to ensure you learn and to ensure you enjoy yourself. And our customers agree that we do that!

I have been meaning to write to say what an excellent course you put on for us couple of weekends ago. Very intuitive, interesting and we definitely all came away with a lot more knowledge and confidence in taking on a whole raw fishÖ I will definitely be recommending you to friends and colleagues. Simon

My only feedback is slightly gushing in that it was great, and we learnt a lot. Thanks for a fantastic lesson in the much needed basics. Oliver

Thank you very much for a great experience on Friday. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and have already passed on your [details] to a few people. I think the way that you presented the course and talked us so clearly through everything was perfect and gave us both the confidence to cook your recipes again and understand more about how to go about choosing fish to cook. The notes you left are also very clear, and with the hands on experience are pretty foolproof. I shall definitely think of you again when I want to expand my limited repertoire of cooking! Sara

Everyone really enjoyed the afternoon and the food was fantastic! We all had a fab timeÖ I will be sure to use School of Food again very soon. Ewelina

The class was brilliant and I learned so much (as always) that I will hopefully keep working on... We will of course keep recommending classes to whoever is interested! Kate

Thank you so much for Saturday! We all had such a marvellous time and it was a perfect present for our mum. I think we will definitely use School of Food again in the future! Kate

We all had a great evening and really enjoyed your tuition. I think that the food we made was excellent and just the right amount for the 4/5 of us. I really don't think you can do anything to improve the service! I'll give it 10 out of 10Ö Will definitely be having further eveningsÖ Oliver

We all loved the macaroon making course. It suited adults and children alike and we were amazed by our results... We will be in touch in the future about another one and will recommend to friends in London. As someone who runs courses I was particularly impressed with your organisation and the thought that went into the handout. Your manner was perfect... friendly and very knowledgable and the timing excellent. It was just a perfect morning especially on Mothers Day! Joan

We thought the whole evening was great fun, really good value, well set out and at a level where we are all confident (kind of) of being able to do it at home. You explained things very clearly and got us all involved. All in all would recommend to anyone looking for something similar. Sophie

Thank you so much for everything on Saturday afternoon - it was a fantastic experience, the perfect balance of information and informality and the macaroons were the best I can remember (though I doubt they'll be quite as good without you watching over us next time round!)Ö Will definitely be in touch in the future if we want any more cooking classes. Thank you again. Mike

Many thanks for the class on Sunday - most enjoyable. I don't think I could recommend you highly enough - both the results of the class but also the friendly nature and I felt you pitched it at the right level. I will no doubt be back in touch for another masterclass in something else soon! Adam

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for such a great afternoon on Saturday. Everyone really enjoyed the class and the canapés were delicious. And James & I know we weren't the best students, but you were so patient with us! Many thanks again. Victoria

Both Resma and I thought the class was really helpful & covered just the right amount of recipes and learnt some very useful skills. The fish I cooked the next evening went down very well! Will definitely recommend you to friends. Julia

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much we all enjoyed yesterday's bread making class. Everyone said they learnt a lot and I have only just come out of my bread-induced coma! Yum. I'll most definitely be spreading the School of Food word - the class was pitched just right and your relaxed and friendly manner put us all at ease. Maybe we'll see you again for macaroons! Anna

I can speak on behalf of all the attendees when I say that the class exceeded our expectations in every sense!! We learnt a great deal thanks to your great teaching style. There was a great balance between listening, watching you do things and trying things out ourselves. The printouts afterwards were very useful too! You made the class very fun to attend! The first bit on how and where to buy fish and how to clean it is definitely something you cannot learn from books!! It was very useful!! The food was absolutely delicious and we got a big thank you from the friends we invited as they found it incredible! We are now telling everyone we know about it! Great job! Vicky

Girls of all ages enjoyed the class. I am not sure she told you, but Monica has been to a class in a professional kitchen where she was taught macaroon making. They made it sound so complicated that she never dared to try at home. After your class the girls are planning to not only make macaroons, but teaching others too. So, yes, we loved the format, we loved the end product and [the teaching was] great too. Thomas

Thank you for teaching us the dim sum on Saturday. We all really enjoyed it. What we enjoyed most is that the class teaches you all the different processes and you are the one cooking and not just watching. The only criticism I heard is from Adelle 'we didn't drink enough wine during the class'! We are already looking at the next class, we will be in touch soon! Celine

Thank you! We had a really fantastic afternoon, very enjoyable indeed... Joe has already transcribed the recipes and extra tips into a notebook for safe keeping. It was all the extra information on what actually matters that made all the difference... I am totally inspired by yesterday. I've done quite a few cookery courses but this was by far the most useful and done in a way that I am most likely to remember. Amelia

My 14 year old daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our two sessions with Alastair and School of Food. The time was used very effectively, with many helpful general hints along the way, as well as great tuition in our chosen themes. I would strongly recommend School of Food to others both as a way to improve your understanding of food and flavour combinations, as well as your cooking skills. Charlotte

...we all had wonderful time last week. What a difference it makes to have a class in your own home (or for most of us, in your friend's home). You were "genuine", "flexible", "helpful" and "patient", to name a few things people said. I've already mentioned how great the class was to others and would definitely recommend it to others. Renee

Thank you so much. We had such a great time, [we] both commented that we'd be sad not to have a cooking class this Sunday. Thought it was excellent from start to finish. Great that we could be a bit flexible. Loved all the dishes. Enjoyed the fact that you gave us some wonderful recipes that were not too over- complicated but still very tasty. Really enjoyed the flexibility regarding cooking, like adding things like potjie & dough making It really was a wonderful time so thank you very much. We hope to do another course at some stage. Kirsten

Thanks very much again for Saturday I was very impressed with the class and felt it was very well organised and taught us all a lot. It was also made fun and a great thing to do for a hen party as everyone really enjoyed it! I was also very impressed with the quality of the chocolates/truffles that we made and that we were given plenty to eat and printed notes to keep.I would also recommend your company to anyone looking to do cookery classes and would like to thank you again. Michelle

The content of the class was excellent and the pace of tuition was great. Alastair took us through instructions and gave us opportunities to be hands-on with the process throughout so that we definitely understood the requirements. It was fantastic to be taught in my own home as Alastair was able to show me how to adapt the generic recipe to my specific oven. Equally he took the time to show me where best to leave the Macaroons to grow their skin - helping find damp and non-damp places in my home and therefore ideal conditions for making the best products. Alastair was very personable and knowledgeable - he was able to share hints and tips (e.g. washing the KitchenAid if frying had been recently done in the kitchen) and this was very helpful. He put us at ease and asked helpful questions about our previous experience with Macaroons so that he could make sure the class was as useful as possible for us. Alastair was also happy to answer questions about other classes run by School of Food - such as a bread-making class and even gave my friend a dough tool to help her with breadmaking. I would highly recommend School of Food to all other amateur bakers, for a positive, educational and tailored cake-making experience. I feel that we had a much more enjoyable and practical experience than we would have if we had attended a group class outside of my home. Frances

Again, thank you so much for a great class, everyone very much enjoyed it and l'm going to the Chinese supermarket today to buy all the ingredients l need going forward! :) Alice

I can't thank you enough for Saturday. We all had such a lovely time and really felt like we learnt something. Louise is already talking about starting a macaroon empire, a hot topic for discussion over dinner, fortunately I managed to talk them out of trying the blue food dye taste bud test, much to their disappointment. None of us can fault the class. We thought it was excellent from start to finish, just disappointed there were not more macaroons - we had eaten them all by the time we all went home! Charlotte

We really enjoyed the sushi making class, thank you for teaching us! It worked really well for a fun hen night in. Everyone was surprised at how easy it was to make sushi and have fun at the same time! It was useful to have you come around after showing us as I'm not sure everyone could see into the kitchen. It was the perfect party experience for my hen night, thanks again. Ann-Louise

We all thought it was a great experience and really enjoyed it. You are a very good teacher. We also really enjoyed all the information on the history of sushi and the way sushi has changed over time. I'd definitely recommend it. Thank you! Kay

All three of us really enjoyed our Sunday lunch time lesson with you and certainly everyone has taken away some useful tips and ideas. We are going as a family in the summer and I suspect we will use all of your recipes on the others and I think they will be impressed! We would definitely book you again. Laura

We both had an excellent time. I think I let A eat a few too many [macaroons] though (not to mention several spoonfuls of leftover caramel) & she was bouncing off the walls in the afternoon, and then crashed spectacularly... Anyway, the class was great, and hopefully we'll do another some time. It was a good way to tackle something that has a lot of mystique surrounding it. I had never tried macaroons because of all the theories and horror stories surrounding them. You made them seem pretty easy and accessible. Culinary myth-buster. Thanks again. Amanda

We really enjoyed the evening and learnt a lot - a big thank you from us both. We feel inspired to cook fish more often and will be more confident in doing so. Caroline, SW14

The feedback from the class was that everyone thought the day was brilliant. David mentioned you were an excellent teacher and chef. It was great that they made enough to feed themselves plus the marquee men who were labouring away. School of Food were a godsend: so easy to get the day planned with and felt straight away I had found the company for the job. Maria

I enjoyed the class very much and I'm really looking forward to making more of my own ravioli! Annie

Pete & Lucy loved it - THANK YOU! Saw Pete this evening, he'll be living off the fact he cooked a three course meal for quite some time...Vicki

The excellent teaching style and wonderful enthusiasm made this course a real pleasure. As someone with a serious aversion to cooking, I am amazed by how Alastair has inspired me to try the techniques and flavour combinations I learnt during my course. Devon

Great fun - really informative and enjoyable Emily

Thank you so very much for a wonderful evening. We had a lovely time and learned a lot! Stephanie

The 3 of us really enjoyed our evening of sushi making and we all felt we learnt a huge amount. We also ate vast quantities and it turned out to be absolutely delicious, perhaps not surprisingly as you had sourced all the food, and as it was all perfectly fresh. Thank you so much for making it such fun, answering all our questions and doing the shopping... I have been singing your praises to friends. Ros

Brilliant lesson - and a great range of techniques. A lot covered Andy

Thank you so much for Saturday's cook fest! we all had a fantastic time, and I received only positive comments for the event. I wouldn't have changed anything... perfect. Thanks also for the recipes... I'll be adding them to my little book as the first ever Thai entry. You have converted me! I will certainly recommend you to others after a similar experience. Ana

We had a great time on Saturday, the whole afternoon was really useful from learning to fillet a fish to realising how easy it was to cook healthy, tasty food! You will be pleased to know the Ocado order is looking much better this week & we'll be testing out some of the dishes! ... I'll definitely be passing on your details to friends. Sam

Highly enjoyable, I would thoroughly recommend Margaret

A huge thank you for leading the macaroon workshop on Saturday; we all had a fantastic day. The class was perfectly tailored to our needs and you were always on hand to provide help and advice where needed. Sarah

A very fun morning - Thank You! Alex

Since the sushi class visiting my regular lunch stop for sushi has become rather disappointing! Elizabeth

We had a great time! So many of the girls said that they really enjoyed the Sushi Hen Party and that they will be trying it at home. Anna

Thanks for your email and for the hen party on Saturday. Francesca said she had the best day of her life so mission accomplished! I thought everything went perfectly. I was really happy that the cooking was really relaxed and people were able to chill out. You and your assistant got the tone just right... Thanks again for all your help, overall a great time had by all! Danielle

Thanks for the [Healthy Eating and Cookery] class & it was really very good (even better than expected) and I will be using lots of your practical advice from now on... I liked the way you let us ask lots of questions and set the pace of the talking portion... They were questions most relevant to our real life so your responses were practical things we could actually apply. I also liked the way you let us do the chopping & particularly glad to have learned basic chopping skills and how to fillet fish (I impressed a few people at the pub last night with this!) I have already recommended School of Food and will do so in future. Victoria

James and I really enjoyed your lesson and I think we both learned a lot, not just about what we were cooking but more generally as a result of all the inane questions we asked ! I thought our Thai/fish curry worked really well and we finished off the red curry sauce last night with some chicken & still delicious. We will certainly be recommending your lessons to friends. Hannah

Thank you for a brilliant class Saturday... Personal, educational, fun and best of all mighty fine dining! We both really enjoyed the experience and definitely loved tucking into the classes products at the end! It was really helpful to have the sheets with the cooking details on so that we could relax into the cooking, without feeling we needed to remember everything in order to give recreating it a go! ...We will certainly be recommending you, thanks for helping making Greg's birthday a good one :) Kathy

Thanks very much for the cookery class Alastair. It was very informative and enjoyable. The information about the ingredients where to buy, some of the ingredients like water chestnuts, oyster sauce etc was very helpful. We have prepared the dim sum all by ourselves with your recipes they tasted really delicious. We will be doing the sushi class soon. Hima