Fish Cookery Class

Learn to cook fish confidently in a School of Food fish cookery class. This private class, which is taught in your own home kitchen anywhere in our London coverage area, is based around developing the practical skills needed to prepare and cook fish, and understanding the best ways to cook fish and to include it in a menu.

We cook at least two types of fish in several different ways to make a host of dishes. We end the class with a delicious meal of the fish you have prepared and cooked.

Working with a whole fish per participant, you learn about:

  • getting the best fish - what to choose and buy
  • preparation - how to clean and prepare the fish for cooking
  • knife skills - how to confidently and neatly fillet the fish
  • cooking fish and the different ways to cook the fillets - we sauté, bake and poach
  • accompaniments - what to put with the fish to make it even better

The fish used for this class is usually sea bream or sea bass and mackerel but these may vary according to market availability. Your tutor brings all the ingredients required for this class.

How to arrange your Fish Cookery Class - What next

Choose a date for your class on the calendar below and make your booking - it only takes 5 minutes! Or if you have any questions have a look at our FAQs or feel free to get in touch to discuss.