Macaroon Making Class

Macaroons can be tricky little blighters, never quite behaving themselves. But fear not, this private cookery class with School of Food - taught in your kitchen at home, anywhere in our London coverage area - will teach you the black magic behind perfect macaroons.

In this class you learn:

  • to make delicious sandwich-style French macarons
  • how to adapt macaroon recipes to ensure they work in your own oven
  • the skills behind macaroon perfection: egg choice, meringue types and great techniques
  • a delicious salted caramel macaroon filling

Your tutor will bring all the ingredients and any special equipment required for the class. Please note: we require an oven with temperature control and a window in the door for this class - Agas and similar are not suitable.

Images taken by Clare Kelly for From Britain With Love during a School of Food macaroon class.

What next

Choose a date for your class on the calendar below and make your booking - it only takes 5 minutes! If you have any questions have a look at our FAQs or feel free to get in touch to discuss.