Beginners Cookery Course

School of Food's Beginners' Cookery Course is a fun, intensive, hands-on introduction to cooking. We combine learning essential kitchen skills - such as stock-making, pastry-making and knife skills - with nurturing your natural culinary instincts for ingredients and flavour combinations, all the while developing a broad repertoire of dishes.

The Course is underpinned by our belief that the best cooking is the result of understanding ingredients - which ones to buy, what to decide to cook with them all the way to the best way to cook and serve them. Although we provide recipes for every dish we cook our focus is on helping you understand what makes the dish or meal taste good rather than just teaching you to follow recipes.

The private course consists of 5 lessons of 2 - 2.5 hours, taught in your own home kitchen, anywhere in our London coverage area, by a professional School of Food tutor.

Understand the basis of good cookery

  • To purchase the best produce and to cook seasonally
  • To cook to a budget and to use leftovers efficiently
  • The fundamentals of healthy nutrition and food safety
  • What essential cooking equipment you need

Develop essential cooking skills

  • Using a knife safely and effectively
  • Making delicious soups from scratch
  • Roasting meat, other meat cookery techniques
  • Cleaning, preparation and perfect cooking of whole fish
  • Cooking risotto, rice and pasta
  • Straightforward, delicious puddings
  • Braising and stewing


The course can be scheduled on 5 consecutive days, over 5 weeks or however works with your schedule. Please contact us to discuss scheduling.

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I did the course to learn to cook and enjoy the learning. I couldn't cook before and now I can - the course was transformational! The best aspect was learning how to make delicious food that is practical and easy to make. I would absolutely recommend the course. Rupert, W14