Quick Dishes Cookery Course

School of Food's Quick Dishes Cookery Course is an accelerated introduction to cookery techniques and dishes that are big on flavour, satisfaction and style and light on time in the kitchen. Because a busy lifestyle shouldn't mean that you can't cook delicious, healthy meals; good food doesn't have to mean hours toiling in the kitchen and there's a better, easier solution than ready meals.

The Quick Dishes Cookery Course is based on the same philosophy as our other cookery courses - the key to good cookery is understanding ingredients, what to choose to cook and how to do an excellent job of cooking it - but is centred around short shopping lists and brief cooking times. We concentrate on developing your culinary instincts, broadening your repertoire of quick, delicious dishes and opening your eyes to the possibilities of fast cooking.

The course is both intensive and fun; it consists of 5 sessions each lasting 2 to 2.5 hours and is taught in your home kitchen, anywhere in our London coverage area, by a professional School of Food tutor. In every class we deal with several techniques and dishes which you get to enjoy at the end. Your tutor brings all the ingredients.

You learn to:

  • Cook quick, healthy, delicious food
  • Minimise your time in the kitchen and maximise great flavours
  • Cook with the seasons and make the most of local produce
  • Exploit short cuts and labour-saving equipment
  • Organise your kitchen for quick cooking
  • Plan meals so that quick cooking doesn't mean slow shopping

Topics we cover:

  • Lightening-fast fish, soups and meats
  • Fast entertaining and the 2 hour dinner party
  • Salads that are meals in themselves
  • Rapid-fire desserts
  • Speedy store cupboard wonders
  • Continuing improving your cookery after the course


We draw the dishes we cook from a large pool of speedy recipes. Prior to the course we discuss these with you, identify dishes that will best fit your tastes and aim, and fine-tune the exact content of each session accordingly. There's no point in being taught dishes or techniques you already know so we go to pains to be flexible and arrange the best possible selection for you.


The course can be scheduled on 5 consecutive days, over 5 weeks or however works with your schedule. Please contact us to discuss scheduling.

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