Sushi Parties

Sushi parties with School of Food are hugely fun and delicious. Learn to make a range of delicious sushi under the relaxed guidance of School of Food's professional tutors then enjoy a feast of the sushi you created.

Tailor-made to your requirements, Sushi Parties are suitable for both work events and private parties and are ideal where you do not have kitchen facilities. We provide all the cooking equipment required as well as all the ingredients and professional tuition. Although we normally hold Sushi Parties at a venue provided by you - anywhere in London - we can normally arrange a venue for you if required.

What we typically cover

  • cooking rice - how to cook and season perfect sushi rice
  • cutting fish - for sashimi, maki-sush and nigiri-sushi
  • rolling - how to make maki, inside-out rolls and handrolls
  • shaping - how to hand-form nigiri
  • accompaniments - how to make the perfect miso soup


  • style - whether a team contest or collaboration, an individual competition, or just a relaxed fun event
  • the amount of tuition you require
  • duration of the party
  • branding and extras


Every sushi party is different so we need to discuss your needs before we can give an exact price - please get in touch to get the ball rolling. You get plenty to eat - so the cost typically compares very favourably to going to a restaurant.

What next?

To start arranging your event, or to find out more about the delicious events and parties School of Food can organise for you, contact us. Or, if a sushi party is not quite what you were looking for, have a look at our range of cookery classes, courses and other events.