Cookery Tuition in Your Own Home

School of Food is not like other cookery schools: we teach you in your own kitchen - because we believe being taught using the equipment you use every day is more effective than using unfamiliar tools in a teaching kitchen.

Key advantages to being taught at home:

  • Learning on your own equipment is more effective - you don't need to adapt to the tools in a teaching kitchen, then back to your own equipment when you get home
  • We teach you skills and methods that are appropriate to your kitchen - and realistically reproducible after we leave!
  • We can help you make the most of your local food suppliers, and often tell you about new ones
  • It is extremely convenient

Concerned about your kitchen?

Don't be! Almost all London kitchens are suitable for a School of Food class our course - and our tutors are used to working around the peculiarities of each kitchen. Provided there is a functioning oven and hob and enough workspace for all the participants to gather around then your kitchen will be fine. If you are still concerned, there is more detail here.

What next

Browse and book classes online, or contact us to discuss your program of cookery tuition in your own home.